A Complete Guide to Discover the Hardwood Floor of Your Dreams

People often select hardwood flooring for their houses because wooden materials are notable for their durability, aesthetic look, and humid-resistance properties. There are dozens of species to choose from. This dilemma puzzles many American homeowners. Discover the hardwood floor of your dreams with our helpful tips!

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Solid vs Engineered Hardwood Floors

Solid hardwood flooring is about massive (solid) pieces of wood with the hardwood entire plank. The key benefit of this floor is its durability and moisture resistance. Additionally, solid hardwood floors are very practical because they can be easily sanded and refinished. Other benefits of this hardwood flooring type are:

  • Natural beauty;
  • Durability;
  • Eco-friendliness.

Speaking about engineered hardwood floors, their installation requires several wooden layers pressed together. Usually, the hardwood layers are top and bottom ones. Engineered hardwood floors are humidity-resistant and very versatile. They are suitable for basement flooring and traffic areas like halls and living rooms.

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    Hardwood Species to Take into Account

    You may face the overchoice, having observed the range of hardwood flooring materials. There are exotic species for chic residences like ash, ebony, tigerwood, mahogany, pine alder, etc. But the most popular ones are:

    • Cherry – people prefer black cherry the most for its gorgeous look. It is better to install cherry hardwood floors in the rooms without direct sunlight. Or consult the Wood Star specialists about protective finishing.
    • Walnut – a wonderful hardwood material with rich brown color. But it is a rather soft material, so we recommend installing it in rooms without heavy movable furniture. Note that walnut floors are also photosensitive as cherry.
    • Oak – this material has an exceptional classic look. That is why you can complement your traditional interior with such a wonderful floor. Oak has a middle-range hardness rate, so you can install oak hardwood floors in traffic areas (kitchen, dining room, nurseries).
    • Maple – this is a very heavy-resistant hardwood material. The maple grain pattern will be optimal for your halls, living rooms because this floor does not require regular maintenance. You will be pleased with the durability of maple flooring.

    If you are looking for the most suitable hardwood species for your residence, the Wood Star team is at your command. We are glad to help you with the best choice!